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Water Damage Restoration Essex County


water restoration process 1

Initial Site visit

A Project Manager will be dispatched within minutes to assess your damages 

water restoration process 2

Containment, Mitigation, and Drying

Our specialized equipment and technicians will begin remediation

water restoration process


Your Project Manager will continue to work with you to ensure all expectations are met

Essex County Water Restoration Services

Essex County NJ Restoring Water damage

The changing seasons and frigid temperature of the winter months brings an elevated and unwelcome risk of a bursting water pipe. Pipes also can burst due to corrosion, loose connections, and even a clog. And while a burst water pipe is quite common, it is something no homeowner wants to experience.


Our team of experts will immediately respond and examine the affected area to mitigate further damage

A bursting pipe could release gallons of water per hour. This could lead to pervasive damage on your home and an increased risk of mold.  Without proper remediation and extraction, your house and your health could be at risk. New Method, available 24/7, will take immediate action to restore your home and proactively prevent any further damage.

Essex County Flooding Basements, Laundry Rooms, and Bathrooms

When your feet unexpectedly splash into a puddle of water in your home, reach out immediately to New Method. 


Our team of experts will immediately respond and examine the affected area to mitigate further damage

Our water restoration specialists will use our proven techniques to extract the water, dry the affected areas and get you back on dry land in no time. 

Essex County Water Overflows in your Home

We’ve all been there. You turn on the bathtub and you are pulled away to stop the kids from fighting down the hall. Or, you are getting the coffee pot ready for the busy Monday, only to hear the doorbell ring. And, then, that moment when you realize….disaster. It happens and we’ve got you covered.


Our team of experts will immediately respond and examine the affected area to mitigate further damage

An overflowing tub can lead to extensive damage. If not remediated quickly and efficiently, the water will have time to soak into the subfloors, leaking through to the ceiling below. Additionally, mold and microbial growth can occur in the walls and floor. New Method and its team of water restoration specialists will be there to inspect the areas and begin the extraction and drying process. They will evaluate the extent of the situation to keep you safe and informed.

Essex County Water Damage Dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and water heaters

These appliances work continuously to offer us the conveniences of modernization. And, yet, left unchecked or unserviced through the years, can spell disaster and failure to function. Ruptured or failed appliances can quickly spill hundreds of gallons of water onto your floors. Small leaks and drips could work to slowly produce a mold infestation, leading to an even bigger problem.


Our team of experts will immediately respond and examine the affected area to mitigate further damage

If you find yourself with an appliance that failed, leaving you in a flood of water, contact New Method to help. Our water restoration specialists will help to mitigate the leak or rupture, extract the water from your home, and dry the affected areas.

Essex County Sewage backups

They can be damaging to your home and detrimental to your health. Sewages can back up due to clog in your own system, a breakdown in the main sewer line, tree roots, and even storm runoff. These disasters require the techniques and expertise of our water restoration specialists.


Our team of experts will immediately respond and examine the affected area to mitigate further damage

If there is a clog in your home, you will most likely have an issue with certain drains functioning or a toilet that may not flush correctly. These are signs that something is not working properly. If it is a main blockage, most of the plumbing in your home will not function correctly. New Method can identify the problem. More importantly, we have the experience to safely eradicate the issue. Our proven techniques for extraction will remove the hazardous water from your home. We will work to mitigate the damage, helping what goes down, stay down.

Essex County Mold Remediation and Restoration

It will grow in areas of moisture affected by leaks in roofs, pipes, or anywhere that flooding or excess water occurred. It commonly grows on drywall, ceiling tiles and even wood. Rapid response to water damage is critical to eliminating mold growth. Mold removal requires specialized technicians, such as our water restoration specialists in order to remove it thoroughly. It requires experience and can be hazardous to your health if done incorrectly.


Our team of experts will immediately respond and examine the affected area to mitigate further damage

If you find or believe your home is in need of mold damage restoration, contact New Method so that we can investigate and eradicate it.  Our mold experts will thoroughly examine your home using advanced technology, and if mold is detected, we will take the proper steps to remove it. Many varieties of indoor mold can create health problems and produce allergens leading to coughing, sneezing, trouble breathing, and irritated eyes to name a few. It can affect children and adults alike. Our process is a two prong approach, involving mold removal and mold remediation. New Method is certified to deal with hazardous materials and our goal is to protect you and work with you through this process.

Essex County Water Loss Claim Help

These uncharted times can be overwhelming and also intimidating. New Method will work alongside homeowners from start to finish, from drip to dry. We are both a residential and commercial water restoration company. Our water restoration specialists are knowledgeable and ready to guide homeowners through the process, including answering tough questions and assessing the damage.


You are not alone in this. We will guide you through every part of this process, including working with your insurance.

New Method promises to help you through the insurance process. This will include:

  • Assisting you to maintain all receipts and create a list of all out-of-pocket expenses you incur for your claim;
  • Guiding you through the entire damage claims process when you use our damage restoration service.

Types of Water Loss (Category 1 Clean Water, Category 2 Grey Water, Category 3 Black Water)

  • Category 1 Clean Water - Clean water refers to a source of water that is not considered hazardous to humans. This includes the water supply lines that run below the surface.

  • Category 2 Grey Water - Grey water is a type of water that has a high concentration of biological or physical contaminants. It can cause sickness or discomfort to people.

  • Category 3 Black Water - Black water is often unsanitary and contains harmful bacteria and fungi. It can cause severe illness. Water that has not been thoroughly cleaned must be reclassified as Category 3 Water.

Preferred Water Restoration Vendor for the following insurance companies:

AAA, Farmers, Selective, Stillwater, Allstate, Homesite

We accept all major Insurance Companies 


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