Sewage Backup


Sewage backups are not only unwelcome and unsightly.

They can be damaging to your home and detrimental to your health. Sewages can back up due to clog in your own system, a breakdown in the main sewer line, tree roots, and even storm runoff. These disasters require the techniques and expertise of our water restoration specialists.


Our team of experts will immediately respond and examine the affected area to mitigate further damage

If there is a clog in your home, you will most likely have an issue with certain drains functioning or a toilet that may not flush correctly. These are signs that something is not working properly. If it is a main blockage, most of the plumbing in your home will not function correctly. New Method can identify the problem. More importantly, we have the experience to safely eradicate the issue. Our proven techniques for extraction will remove the hazardous water from your home. We will work to mitigate the damage, helping what goes down, stay down.


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