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New Method Restoration responds to Water Damage from Hot Water Heater

On April 15th a customer noticed a large amount of water entered his finished basement, causing damages to his carpet, wall, and some personal items. After the plumbers Initial inspection, we discovered the water intrusion was due to a hot water heater loss. Our Project Manager Keiron Brown was dispatched to assess and put together a scope of work in order to properly mitigate the water-damaged area. The  New Method Restorations Team successfully and promptly restored the homeowner's basement back to its dry and sanitized pre-loss state. The customer also gave us a wonderful review! 




New Method Restoration responds to Water Damage from Hot Water Heater

New Method Restoration received a call regarding a leak from a hot water heater in a utility closet.  The leak affected the laundry room and bathroom wall cavity adjacent to the closet. 

Project manager Armand Pallino arrived onsite in under 90 minutes to begin his initial inspection of the damaged areas.  He walked the spaces while taking moisture readings and documenting all findings with corresponding photos. 

Once he completed his initial inspection, he sat down with the customer to explain all the damages that had been a result of the leak from the hot water heater and provided a clear, detailed scope of work that needed to be performed.  He also provided the customer with assistance during the process of filing an insurance claim with his provider.  Armand acted as the homeowner’s spokesperson when it came to working with the insurance company and helped make the process as seamless as possible for the customer.

Shortly after the inspection was completed, our certified water mitigation contractors were dispatched out to the site to begin the necessary work.  They began with detaching the door to the utility room, removing the baseboards, and removing the water damaged sheetrock.  The studs were then wiped down and disinfected with an antimicrobial spray to prevent any future mold growth in the areas. 

They then began work in the laundry room which included moving all contents out the area, moving the washer and dryer, and performing two foot flood cuts on the water damaged sheetrock.  After, the floor and studs were disinfected with an antimicrobial spray.

Our technicians then made their way into the bathroom where they began with moving all contents out the space before beginning the necessary work.  They detached the baseboards, toe kicks, and lower cabinets, which were left onsite afterward for the customer to reuse.  The floors and studs were then wiped down and disinfected with an antimicrobial spray to ensure all areas were sanitized properly.  Once this process was completed several dehumidifiers, fans, an air scrubber, and other specialty drying equipment was placed throughout the spaces to ensure proper drying took place quickly.

After only a few days the areas were completely dry and all the equipment that had been placed throughout the areas was removed.  The customer was satisfied with not only our work but also the professionalism of our project manager and technicians.

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